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Take advantage of crypto like a pro.

Earn up to 5%

Non-custodial wallet|Crypto Exchange

Outlet allows you to connect to both DeFi and Traditional finance.

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How Outlet Works

We make it as simple as possible to go from your bank account to DeFi, in app designed for anyone to understand and earn as much as possible.

USDC ERC-20 Stablecoin Interest Account

All funds are converted to $USDC

When you deposit funds into Outlet, they are immediately converted into $USDC, a fully backed and audited stablecoin.

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Funds are stored in
encrypted wallets

Outlet is built on the Ethereum
blockchain. All funds are stored in a
wallet, and are ERC-20 digital assets.

Simple, familiar, & protected cash account experience. Powered by Crypto.

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Manage your money on the
Outlet Dashboard.
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time-period rewards.
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Keep current with projected
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Deposit &
withdraw anytime.

Build Wealth
Using Decentralized Finance

EVM Support

Connect directly and use the top protocols on each chain.

On and Off Ramp

We aggregate all existing services to have the best prices possible on tokens you would want to buy or sell.

Exclusive Offers

Our users recieve airdrops & extra tokens for trying out high quality, unique web3 products.

Non Custodial

You own your wallet. Connect an existing wallet to Outlet or open one with us.

Get Started Today

No minimums. No fees. No commitments.

1. Account Approval

Download the Outlet app and complete the signup process.

2. Transfer Funds

Deposit up to $100k per day. No withdrawal limits.

3. Earn Rewards

Payouts are made on the 1st of the month.

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