Earn --% APR

Diversify Your Portfolio Against Traditional Markets Risk

Achieve stock market like returns in a simple USD denominated cash account without the same principle risk. Accounts are earning --% interest.

$ -- Currently Earning Interest

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Principal investment loss


Deposits to Protocols


Loan to value


historic returns

4-8% APY

Outlet Vs. Traditional Finance

Find Out How Much You Would Earn Using Outlet Compared To Traditional Finance Products.

If You Deposit:


ProductInterest RateEarned First Year
Industry Average Bank Account0.09%$18.000
Everyday Savings Account Rate0.05%$10.000
High-Yield Online Savings Account2.25%$450.000
Wealthfront Cash Account2.35%$470.000
United States Treasury Bond2.49%$498.000
High Dividend Yield ETF5.16%$1032.000

Diversify against Stocks & Equities

Top analyst think there will be some type of economic downfall in 2020 and beyond.

Put idle money to good use

Leaving your money idle in a bank account will cost you money due to inflation. Outlet accounts currently pay --% APY, and destroy inflation.

Stock market like returns

Historically Outlet returns are on par with historic stock market returns, but have very little correlation at all.

Designed to steadily increase

When using Outlet you dont face the same principal risk you do when investing in stocks.

Simple Features Made for Investors.

Start using Outlet to prepare for your future. These are some of our most popular features. You can also contact us for more information or questions.

Full Coverage
Outlet is covered against the risks associated in using the app. Feel safe, secure, and at ease knowing we have your back.Learn More →
Free to use
Outlet is entirely free to use. There are no hidden fees or upfront costs to get started saving or using the app.

Watch your money grow in realtime

On Outlet your money is always growing. You are able to withdraw, and deposit more money as you wish. --% is the current Outlet APY. The average bank account pays 0.05%.

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