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Placing a pledge is not an obligation to transfer that exact amount to Outlet. Placing a pledge will get you signed up and with give you acess to the Outlet mobile app. We will contact you and walk you through the app itself.

10% Savings iOS app
Outlet accounts have variable interest rates, but as of right now current rates are around 10%.Learn More →
See How The App Works
We want to talk to users before each person uses the app. Before we speak to you you can see how it works.Learn More →

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Share Your Pledge And Skip The Line

We are calling and contacting users who signup using this page. Sharing this page and tagging @OutletFinance on Twitter will allow you to skip the line.

Beta Accounts Are Insured For Free.

Outlet accounts are insured through Nexus Mutual.

Smart Contract Coverage
Accounts are safe and secure from smart contract hacks. Beta accounts will enjoy free insurance for the first 3 months.
Limited Time Offer
This offer will not last long, and will cost $10 a month once The offer ends. There will be free options available.