Best money saving mobile apps of 2020 and beyond

2020 will have more money saving mobile apps than ever before. Finding the best money saving app is easy using this guide that compares different money saving apps for ios and android.

There are a ton of ways to save money using your mobile phone. Money saving mobile apps are growing in popularity for a good reason. Everyone wants to see their money grow and find interesting ways to make and save more. Mobile applications are becoming closer and closer to a traditional bank. The best money saving apps of 2020 will feel just like a bank account but have some added bonuses or provide people with some kind of financial insight. People will end up using mobile money saving applications on their iphones instead of their traditional bank account due to the ease of use and new technology being developed. The best money saving apps will have advantages over traditional finance products in one way or the other.

New Money saving mobile applications

Money saving applications are popping up all the time. Most people who us money saving applications are looking for something to replace their bank account. In 2020 people will leave their traditional ways of saving money for some alternative money saving applications.

New trends are happening in the mobile money saving space. Some of the more innovative products to come out are shown below

Best New Money Saving Apps of 2020


Outlet is a strong alternative to a traditional bank account. Current interest rates are roughly 10% APY. Outlet will have many ways to interact with your money such as sending, and spending. People currently use a suite of products to achieve the same functions that Outlet will offer.


Mobile banking the world loves. N26 shares this message in a lot of its advertising. N26 is a mobile first traditional bank account that pays around a 1.5% APY. The N26 mobile app is a great way to save money. It is FDIC insured and has several perks as to why you should use their product. It has free cash withdrawals, and a great dashboard to show you what how you are spending and saving.


Chime is a mobile first bank. It markets its mobile app as “banking made awesome” Chime has a clean and easy to use UI that allows people to get paid early as well as be an excellant way to save money. You can use Chime as a way to save money and monitor your spending. Chime is a perfect example of the new types of creative money saving apps of 2020. The unique business model of Chime enables users to get paid quicker and have a free banking experience that was otherwise impossible.


Digit is an excellent mobile money saving app for you to use in 2020. Digit is a great choice to start saving with due to its advanced spend tracking features. Features that allow you to see if you are realistically able to save and how to keep your financial life healthy. You can see how much money you need to survive or thrive. Money saving mobile apps coming out in 2020 need to be advanced and have distinct advantages over their traditional competitors. Digit is a perfect example of fintech innovation.


Robinhood continues to be one of the most popular alternatives to a traditional bank account. Robinhood is absolutely a must have money saving mobile app of 2020. You can buy almost any stock for free. People use their stock portfolio as a way to retire, this alternative savings account can yield a high return if you play your cards right and make the correct trades at the right time. However, people can lose their money in the stock market. Sometimes you are better off saving your money elsewhere, but there is something so fun about learning and owning shares in wonderful companies that make this a must download.


Acorns has been in the mobile money saving app space for a long time, and it is still one of the best mobile apps to save money with in 2020 and beyond. When you are investing every little bit counts. People who have experience investing and saving their money know how hard it is to emotionally do so. Setting aside dollars for specific things is hard.


We at Outlet love cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a great money saving mobile app because it is the gateway to this world. Coinbase allows anyone to easily exchange their real dollars into alternative digital assets that live on a blockchain. These assets are a great store of value and are used to save your money in ways that did not exist years ago. People are flocking to save their money through digital currency for many reasons, some coinbase users are ditching traditional fiat money and are saving nothing but crypto through the mobile app.

Saving your money using a mobile app is nothing new. When you look for an app to save money on you should think about any of the alternative banking solutions listed on this page. 2020 will bring a lot of new exciting fintech projects to the app store. People who want to start saving money in a mobile app now have plenty of innovative options to do so. 2020 is the year to begin using money saving mobile apps.

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