Instant Interest

Rules on earning instant interest on the Outlet.Finance app.

Earning interest on Outlet will take a few days due to the ACH transfer process. However, you can start earning your interest immediately after pledging a certain amount.

Once you open the app you are able to see a few options. One of them will be an option to start earning interest right away.

Outlet Instant Interest Rules:

-Your pledged amounts will be earning interest through Outlet.

-You can fill out our KYC process to deposit your pledged amount to Outlet.

-You can claim your principal + interest for the first 72 hours of your pledged amount.

Earning Instant Interest on Outlet works right out of the box. We are currently using ACH transfers that allow people to transfer fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat. These transfers take days to happen. This feature makes it easy for anyone to start earning interest right away. Zero fee onramp fees.

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