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The Outlet DeFi community serves as a way for Ethereum and decentralized finance users to have a place to speak about new and existing things related to finance as a whole

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A DeFi or decentralized finance community exists at Outlet. The people interested in decentralized finance tend to be like minded. Topics and discussion within our decentralized finance and Ethereum community are as follows. This DeFi discord exists as a way for people to get news from other DeFi developers about exciting new Ethereum applications and things to do with your ethereum.

This discord community is a great place to openly speak about cryptocurrency products of any kind, but referral links will not be tolerated. Speaking to one another about exciting things within the decentralized finance niche is perfectly fine. This decentralized finance discord server supports the forward thinking approach of the community and the products they create.

This decentralized finance community is also for anyone interested in gaining some type of a return on their money. This decentralized finance community is made up of a large amount of people who want to be the bank. The common goal of decentralized finance is connecting funds and backing decentralized loans.

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Expect to talk about:

  • DeFi: The decentralized finance movement built on Ethereum.
  • Ethereum: decentralized platform for money and new kinds of applications.
  • Cryptocurrency: A transferable digital asset, often used as a store of value.
  • Smart contract: a pragmatic way to move money. Can uphold an agreement.
  • Blockchain: A decentralized public ledger.
  • Dapps: Decentralized apps built with some blockchain layered solution.

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