What is Outlet, and how does it work?

Outlet is a high interest way to save USD. We act like a bank but use technology on the Ethereum blockchain.

What Is Outlet?

Outlet is a cryptocurrency finance company that specializes in connecting USD to blockchain assets. Outlet's main product is its high interest rate money holding accounts. They work very similar to a bank account, in the sense that you store your dollars inside of it.

We are able to give you such a high rate of return on your deposited dollars because of how we manage your funds. When you deposit money in your outlet account there are a few things happening in the background that allow us to achieve this high rate of return. Mainly, we convert your assets to stable coins on the Ethereum blockchain and loan them out. Our process fulfills collateralized loans. Meaning people have an asset they are borrowing against that is worth more than the loan itself.

What goes on in an Outlet?

Depositing money in your Outlet account buys a stable coin. A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged 1:1 to 1 USD. So 100 stable coins = $100 USD. They are called "stable coins" because their value does not fluctuate and remains at $1 USD, unlike Bitcoin. These stable coins are on the Ethereum blockchain. These dollars are just as good as your cash.

In order to achieve 10% interest we need to utilize blockchain technology. The technology allows us to integrate our mobile application to open source protocols that are algorithmic, efficient money markets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Outlet is similar to a liquidity fund. We seek out the best return for those who save with us.

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