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Outlet is a rewards app that allows you to earn over 50x more interest than what most banks pay

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The average rate banks pay in is around 1.5%.

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All of the banks listed on this website are in , , . They show average reviews and give you the estimated interest rate that banks in are paying. These rates are subject to change, and you should either visit each branch or give them a call to figure out what solution is the best for you.

Highest interest rate banks in , ,

The highest interest rate banks in , , are listed above. These banks vary in interest rates as well as ownership. Each of these banks are likely to have a different interest rate, and slightly different model as to how they make money from both a fee structure and how much of the money you see back in the form of interest. It's hard to identify what makes one of these banks better than another aside from the interest rate they pay. Banks will have different selling points that make them worth using. When one bank has a problem, another has a solution. This post serves as a way for you to make a more educated decision when it comes to storing your money. Optionality, friendliness, service, as well as benefits are all important aspects when it comes to looking into high interest rate bank solutions. Where some solutions give, others take. It’s up to you to decide what is the best place for your money to be stored and ultimately call home.

Switching banks in , , .

When you are switching a bank you are likely committing yourself to a very long term relationship with that institution. This page is a great way to get to know banks in your local area that will help you make a better long term choice and financial decision.

The best savings accounts in , ,

The best savings accounts and the savings accounts that pay the highest yield are not always the same. There are other factors that you should consider when choosing a savings account. Savings accounts are one of the most important layers in your financial life, so much so that each bank that has a checking account almost always has a savings account to go with it. People who use their savings accounts are likely not earning as much money on their savings as they could be, which means that the interest rate is not the lone deciding factor. There are plenty of other reasons that people are using their savings account, aside from yield generation. People care about optionality, security, and ease of use in addition to earning a yield. Some people also want an existing relationship with the particular institution that they are using.

The best checking accounts in , ,

The best checking account should be free, easy, and simple to use with the most amount of liquidity. Hidden fees with banks are something that they thrive on. There are a ton of fees involved in a checking account that makes some better than others. The worst checking accounts will charge you for things such as having too low a balance. This is the most common fee that banks hide from you. When you are looking for the best checking accounts you should be looking for the bonuses that they give for opening an account. When you are talking about opening up a checking account always ask what sort of special do you have if you do.

The best banks in , ,

, , has a lot of different banking options available right in town and the surrounding area. Finding the best solution requires you to do due diligence and make the proper phone calls and read the proper reviews to make sure that what you are signing up for is the best local bank in , , . Although there are plenty of banking options available it would be unfair for us to say what traditional institution is best for you. Everyone is different, and has different needs that may or may not be good for everyone. Most people are looking for the following to determine what the best bank is:

  • The highest interest rate
  • Online bank accounts
  • The best customer service
  • Bank accounts with promotions

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