Investment Recommendations - What you need to understand before utlizing your money.

When someone makes a general investment recommendation you need to have enough knowledge to know if that is where you should put your money. There are several investment recommendations in this post. Reading this will give you enough information to make a much better decision.

Investment Recommendations

Investing plays a big role in people's lives. Everyone is looking for the next hot thing to invest in. People who are most open to earning a passive income are often search for investment recommendations and what to do with their money. Take all Investment recommendations with a grain of salt, and always do your own research. What one person recommends to invest in might be a completely different risk profile than what interests you. Taking an investment recommendation from another person always comes with fair warning. What works for them might not work for you. This article will serve as very blanket investment recommendations and will point you on the right track to finding a solution that best fits you.

This article does not serve as actual financial advice. We are simply enlightening people of different types of recommended methods to invest your money that are proven to get returns. Some of which are very risky, and can lose money. Invest in any of these recommendations at your own risk.


Stocks are one of the most popular investment recommendations in the world. Of all the recommendations listed stocks are the most popular. Stocks are known for the possibility to have a very high ROI. Long term stocks have shown to be a very profitable and generate passive income for those who choose to invest in the right equity. The people who do not take investment recommendations from professionals tend to lose money in the stock market.

Average Return Per Year: 8%
Principle Safety: No

Real estate

Real Estate has made more millionaires than anything. Real estate is one of the best investments you can ever make. Real estate is not for everyone. People do not always want a hands on investment. Real estate is an attractive way for people to invest their money because you can leverage it. Leveraging your money and taking out a mortgage allows you to put down 20% of a purchase. This means you only need $0.20 to spend a dollar.

Real estate requires capital, credit, and a lot of time to be put into a single investment. Real Estate investing is hard for beginner investors, and scary for most traditional investors. Real estate is an active investment in most cases. There are plenty of solid options for other people looking for more passive investments.

Average Return Per Year: 5-9% CAP
Principle Safety: No


Outlet is an interesting way to save your money, not only are you bound to earn more than what you would on some of the more traditional investment vehicles on this list, but you are also able to withdraw at any point. Outlet uses blockchain technology to cut out middlemen that would otherwise eat into your return as an investor. We are able to create an app that feels similar to a traditional savings account. This a chart below compares Outlet to the rest of the investment recommendations.

Outlet Vs. Traditional Finance

Find Out How Much You Would Earn Using Outlet Compared To Traditional Finance Products.

If You Deposit:


ProductInterest RateEarned First Year
Industry Average Bank Account0.09%$0.900
Everyday Savings Account Rate0.05%$0.500
High-Yield Online Savings Account2.25%$22.500
Wealthfront Cash Account2.35%$23.500
United States Treasury Bond2.49%$24.900
High Dividend Yield ETF5.16%$51.600

Average Return Per Year: 5%
Principle Safety: Yes
Withdraw Anytime: Yes


Cryptocurrency, bitcoin and Ethereum in particular are the fastest growing asset class that ever existed. Although cryptocurrency is still in its infancy blockchain technology will connect the world financially just as the internet did data. Cryptocurrency is an interesting investment medium due to what is called Token economics. Token economics are the financial or economic model behind a cryptocurrency and why it might move up or down in price.

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset class, but with that volatility comes great opportunity if you can time your investment correctly.

Average Return Per Year: Depends on the crypto
Principle Safety: No
Withdraw Anytime: Yes


Bonds are an interesting investment class. People will often say that bonds are the safest investment you can make, which is why bonds are a common investment recommendation. Bonds have a low yield. Bonds yields are low due to the fact they are often backed by something. They are debt. Some bonds are backed by the United States government, and some are backed by companies raising some type of debt.

Bonds have issues for most young people. Younger people want something much more flexible, where you can withdraw their money and use it freely. Something like the Outlet mobile app.

Average Return Per Year: 2%
Principle Safety: Yes
Withdraw Anytime: No

Backing Loans

Lending or backing loans is another common investment recommendation. Backing loans is a very interesting niche if you are able to fine a strategy that works for you, there are a ton of great options that help you earn a return by backing loans.

Average Return Per Year: 5 - 8%
Principle Safety: No
Withdraw Anytime: No

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