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The Top 7 Investment Newsletters and Subscriptions of 2021

The Top 7 Investment Newsletters and Subscriptions of 2021

A Google search for financial newsletters generates an infinite number of results. From content focused on the stock to newsletters providing tips to grow your savings, there is an endless number of subscriptions that bring the most diverse types of financial content to its subscribers. How can you pick a trustworthy one before you have to pay for it? You may ask people you know about it or join a free trial, if available. Alternatively, you take advantage of this article that selected the best and most trustworthy investment newsletters and subscriptions available.

What Are Investment Newsletter and Subscriptions?

If you are not familiar with investment newsletters, here is a short explanation of what they are. Investment newsletters are a type of subscription-based service that provides content related to investing and finances. Usually, it consists of periodic emails or newsletters crafted by a well-established investor or a team of investors. In these newsletters, the investor or the team usually share content related finance, such as:

  • Investment advice
  • Investment ideas
  • Trading strategies
  • financial market news and analysis
  • Saving strategies
  • Specialized opinion articles
  • Other relevant information to assist investors in making decisions

Sometimes, instead of taking a newsletter format, it can be a subscription that offers you access to data or recurrent articles from a specific investor or team of investors. Still, the goal is the same: provide expert opinion on investments and finances to subscribers.

While some newsletters are free, the best ones tend to charge a fee from their subscribers. Luckily, most of them charge very affordable fees that pay off due to their great content.

Are Investment Newsletters and Subscriptions worth it?

There is an infinite number of sources of financial news, and no one has time to become an expert on every stock available. This is especially true given how stocks often fluctuate. This way, by signing a newsletter that curates the relevant information and summarizes what you need to know, you can save a lot of time. Given this fact, investment newsletters can be beneficial to investors of all levels of knowledge. From beginners to experienced investors, all can find benefits in investment newsletters.

The Top Investment Newsletters and Subscriptions

Selecting only 8 newsletters to be part of this selection was definitely not easy. From an endless sea of options, the following eight options were considered the best ones this year due to several factors. This selection took into consideration the newsletter quality, the content focus, the subscription price in relation to what it’s offered, and more. Based on these factors, the following newsletters and subscriptions were considered the best ones in 2021.

When checking the information, keep in mind that prices for the listed investment newsletters and subscriptions are current as of writing. However, subscription fees can change frequently. Before signing for anything, make sure you check the latest prices and deals. The same counts for periodicity, content focus, and the team of writers. Finally, here is the list:

The Motley Fool

  • Content Focus: Stock pick, invest and personal finance
  • Subscription Price: from $199/year to $2,999/year
  • Frequency: From issues twice a month to always-available content

This newsletter is great for investors who are looking for stock picks that come from deep research. This newsletter has several different “packages” that focus on distinct ways of investing, from stocks to real estate. The newsletters’ packages might also offer different amounts of content, with the more affordable ones providing basic analyses, while the pricier ones have more complete studies of market and advice.

By subscribing to The Motley Fool newsletters, you will also gain access to its message board where you can get further investment and personal finance advice and interact with other Fool members.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

  • Content Focus: Broad personal finance
  • Subscription Price: $29.95/year
  • Frequency: Monthly Issue

If you are looking for a newsletter that provides very broad personal finance content, Kiplinger is a great option. It is definitely the broadest financial newsletter. It offers general personal finance reading and investing tips, covering things such as homeownership, vehicle purchasing, and retirement saving. This publication advocates for long-term investing, making it ideal for young investors.

Every month, the columnists of Kiplinger cover many topics, including the latest financial trends, individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bond investing, retirement planning, real estate, bank accounts, credit cards, and much more. Kiplinger has other publications available. However, the issue that stands out is their Personal Finance newsletter. All their newsletters are available to subscribe to in print, digital, or both.

Stansberry Research

  • Content Focus: Investment recommendations to self-manage your portfolio
  • Subscription Price: $199/year
  • Frequency: Monthly issue + some content always available for subscribers

If you manage your own investment portfolio - or wish to do so - Stansberry Research might be interesting for you. It focuses on actionable investment advice and research for investors self-managing their portfolios. Stansberry pledges to bring “the safest, most profitable investment ideas in the world, no matter what’s happening in the markets.”

They offer various publications for you to subscribe to. The interesting feature of Stansberry is that it displays the safety level of the advice on each of their newsletters. This allows investors to pick one that better fits the level of risk they are willing to take, from conservative to speculative.

Nate’s Notes

  • Content Focus: Long-term stock market investing
  • Subscription Price: $289/year
  • Frequency: Monthly Issue

This newsletter specializes in helping individuals grow their wealth in the stock market with a long-term approach to investing. This publication is an easy read, making it a great choice for investors at all levels. On top of that, Nate’s Notes has two portfolios tracking returns generated by the advice given in the newsletter over time. The portfolios are a way to demonstrate the real performance of the recommendations being provided in the publication.


  • Content Focus: Stock Alerts and stock investments analysis
  • Subscription Price: $299.99/month
  • Frequency: Content always available for subscribers

TheStreet mixes personal finances content with stock picks. Actually, this publication has a lot of personal finance content available for free. However, if you want to access further content and receive the famous Jim Cramer and team alerts of stock investing, you will need to access the paid content.

There are many subscription options on TheStreet platform. One of the most popular ones is the Action Alerts, Jim Cramer’s members-only investing club. By subscribing to it, you will receive real-time trade alerts and investment advice from Jim Cramer and his research team. This and some of the other subscriptions also offer conference calls, in-depth market research, and other features.


  • Content Focus: Real-time news for day traders
  • Subscription Price: $99/month (Basic) and $177/month (Essential)
  • Frequency: Content always available for subscribers

Benzinga is a real-time news subscription crafted mostly for day traders. The platform offers filters for you to which news sources to include in your feed, and which types of news you’d like to see. This feature allows subscribers to create efficient newsfeeds, especially since the amount of content offered by Benzinga can be overwhelming.


  • Content Focus: In-depth research focused on stocks, ETFs, and funds
  • Subscription Price: from $145/year to $199/year
  • Frequency: Monthly issue + some content always available for subscribers

Morningstar offers all the necessary research tools to investors. However, it will be up to the investor to find and understand the content. Based on that, this newsletter is not the best fit for new investors. However, it can just what experienced investors need to complement their knowledge and research, thus saving time. The content focuses on stocks, ETFs, and funds. Morningstar has a few newsletters available with slightly different focuses and services. Some even offer email alerts, subscriber-only websites, the opportunity to ask questions to the editors, and watchlists. It is also available in both digital and print formats, the latter being pricier.

The Bottom Line

There are hundreds of services promising to help you with the best stocks to beat the market but don't deliver any of that. Fortunately, there are also many great investment newsletters and subscriptions available for every type of investor that do deliver real and useful content – as seen in this article. However, it is important to be careful when subscribing to this type of content because, as useful as it can be, investing always involve some level of risk. It is critical to select newsletters with a proven track record that do not take unnecessary risks. Always do your due diligence before following a recommendation from one of these publications.

But, if you are careful, these newsletters and subscriptions might become the boost you needed to make the right investments and grow your wealth. They can help investors save time when researching stocks. On top of that, alert features can also make the whole process become easier and more dynamic. Thus, subscribing to one might be a good idea for you and your investments.

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