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Outlet Is A Niche Lending Service That Works Like A Savings Account.

We connect you with our network of overcollateralized lending partners, and match you with the highest yield. We do so in a smooth, and secure app that looks, acts, and feels like a savings account.

Funds are routed using API's

Funds are moved through money transmitters and fully regulated entities.

Funds are stored in encrypted wallets

Outlet is built on the Ethereum blockchain. All funds are stored in a wallet, and are ERC-20 digital assets.

Sensitive data is never stored by Outlet

The only personal data we store is your name, phone number, and E-mail.

Funds are held by our custody partner

Funds on Outlet are covered by third party insurance/coverage providers, and are upheld to SOC 2 Type II security standard.
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How You Use The App

1. Verify Your Identity

We use Onfido to verify your identity and be fully complient. Outlet does not save or store sensitive information.

2. Link Your Traditional Bank Account

Outlet can connect with any bank that uses Plaid. Roughly 9,600 banks in the U.S alone.

3. Transfer Money

Transfer money to and from your traditional accounts is easy. ACH transfer money to and from your account.