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The Best Robo Advisors In The App Store - The Highest Paying Apps

The Best Robo Advisors In The App Store - The Highest Paying Apps

There are several mobile robo advisor apps available for download on the app store. People use robo advisors to replace traditional financial advisors. Before downloading a robo advisor for yourself you might be thinking, what robo advisor gives the highest yield? What's the safest robo advisor? What type of assets do robo advisors invest in? How do I use a robo advisor? How does a robo advisor work? Robo advisor with the

This article will help you answer all of the unknowns, as well as guide you to finding a better way to manage your money by using a robo advisor app.

It's important to know where your money is sitting when you inevitably get serious about your savings. Using a mobile robo advisor has become one of the most recommended things to do. Typically, there comes a time when it is wise to begin using a robo advisor app instead of something like a traditional savings account if you are serious about watching your money multiply itself through compound interest.

What is a robo advisor?

For the sake of simplicity we will keep the definition of a robo advisor as some type of application that helps you make informed decisions with your money to maximize the yield you are earning on your dollars. The term “robo” comes from the application of things, and removes humans from the equation of traditional wealth management.

Robo advisor performance

Robbo advisor performance is very important, but so is understanding how they work. Before we go into detail about what's under the hood you should expect a robo advisor to be managing your wealth in a way that works for you. Meaning that a lot of these products are tailored toward how you want to save. The optionality of the accounts themselves are relative to how you define performance.

Each person's definition of performance is different, which is why exactly why these robo advisor apps perform so well. They allow you to define success. Different types of robo advisor apps are made for different types of people. This article will help you identify the highest performing robo advisor app that has the best yield for your own personal needs.

The Best Robo Advisor

The best overall robo advisor is not a one size fits all solution. There is a best for each situation. Depending on the particular circumstance the user is in financially, or the goals they have for themselves a different product might be better suited for one person compared to the other.

This section of the post is dedicated to recommending some of the best robo advisors in the app store. There is a slight chance that we potentially missed one that you may use.

Outlet Finance

We are pretty biased on this one, but still think that Outlet is the best option for anyone who is searching the app store for some type of automated investing-like solution. Outlet is a simple way to get investing like returns in a single account.

Outlet is a high interest cash management solution that provides people with a simple way to get investing like returns without the drawdown or principal risk.

With added options and more account types coming out soon its likely that Outlet will be a perfect option for those looking for both safe, and solid returns. There will be lower risk, and higher risk ways to earn a yield.


Betterment is one of the products that started this robo advisor revolution. Betterment is constantly being praised as one of the best choices for many reasons. People often cling to Betterment as a great robo advisor because that is its main purpose. Betterment helps people invest in ETFs which are notorious for being some of the safest investments you can make.

There are many investment vehicles on the market, but one of the best ones would have to be ETFs. ETFs are managed by professionals, and are able to give you the professional edge you may need to come out on top.

Betterment is one of the best choices if you are looking for an extremely safe option.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

Schwab is a traditional bank that is looking to expand. Banks tend to make poor applications, but this one is pretty good. It's simple enough to use, and provides a great way to go about and earn a yield. It's extremely seamless to use if you are an existing Schwab customer.


Wealthfront is a great product, and would be on the mount rushmore of fintech products. There are a few reasons why people think so highly of it. What started out as the robo advisor now has a suite of products in the same app.

There are several features that make wealthfront worthy of using. However, most people are using them for their cash management solution. A simple tool that acts like a bank account.


Stash is another robo advisor that a lot of people tend to use. People look forward to stash and say great things about it due to its long term strategies as well as unique features. It has well liked features such as micro investing, this allows you to invest extremely small amounts of money for a very friendly user experience.

People who use the Stash app are there for the long haul. You can set your own strategies or just join their own. Either way, stash is the go to choice for its custom long term strategies that are tailored to consumers looking to earn yield.


Wealthsimple is a smaller robo advisor that is similar to the other options that allow you to invest in equities. These equities are avaible on the stock market, but this particular robo advisor gives you a better idea of what equities on the stock market are a good idea to potentially add to your investment portfolio.


SoFi does a lot more than help you invest and earn a yield. It's a wonderful product, and is like the swiss army knife of fintech. However, SoFi is not really known for one feature set in particular. If you are looking for a one size fits all solution SoFi is likely what you are looking for.

SoFi helps you make sense of more complicated financial situations, such as loans, and other difficult situations that need a more calculated approach to make the most of. soFi can help you make money indirectly by saving you money, or simply putting your money to better use.

Defining your risk profile

Assessing risk is one of the most important things about investing. A single bad investment could set you back years on your portfolios performance. Certain people are ok with taking large risks in order to achieve the desired results they want, while others are ok with taking less risks to earn a safer yield.

This is something you need to ask yourself. “How much of a drawdown am I comfortable with?”

Robo advisors for riskier investments

For those who have the stomach to watch their principal investment go up and down a great robo advisor would be something like stash, betterment, or wealthfront. The reason why we are defining these products for the risker type of person is due to the type of assets they invest in.

Equities are an extremely volatile asset. However, in the long term people should be safe keeping their money in them. There are events that can overwise disprove this, but outside of those abonomailites you are generally safe in the long term.

Most products that are investing in equities on your behalf come with a special kind of risk. This risk is called principal risk. Principal risk is when your money has the chance to lose its initial value.

Robo advisors for less risky investments

Robo advisors tend to de-risk earning a yield. Part of the allure to using them is the fact that they try to remove human error and emotion from earning a yield in order to make more informed decisions.

With that being said there are plenty of ways to invest that carry less principal risk than what equities have. Lending is one of the best ways to earn a yield without running the same principal risk.

The people who are using lending as a way to earn a yield are likely in a safer position to do so due to the collateral involved in lending. Lending typically involves some type of application in this day in age.

Making the most money with robo advisors

Robo advisors are an interesting category of financial products. They all promise returns, or some type of yield. We feel that robo advisors are some of the best products in fintech for consumers. Consumers need a way to make more informed decisions, instead of ones based on emotions. When you get wrapped up in emotion you tend to make irrational decisions. The repercussions of these decisions could make or break you financially.

It comes down to trust, goals, and whatever leads you to feel comfortable. The human element will always be there when you are investing. Hopefully you make the best choices and use the robo advisor that is best for you.

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