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The 8% APY Bank Account Extension

Outlet is a way for consumers to get involved in the world of open finance. Open finance or commonly called DeFi. DeFi is a method to lend and borrow assets in a decentralized way. Outlet allows you to easily enable your traditional bank account to enter these new decentralized money markets.


Getting Started With Outlet

Download iOS app
Outlet is on the app store for apple users only at the moment. Start by downloading the app here.
Verify Your Identity
You will need a valid US I.D. & social security in order to use Outlet. This information is never saved by Outlet and is required by US law.
Login to your bank account
We use plaid to hook up your bank account to our app. Your banking information is never saved. All transfers are ACH transfers.
  • Deposit & Withdraw anytime

    Customers are able to make ACH bank transfers from their traditional bank account to their Outlet account.

  • Security

    We never save sensitive data. Log in to your real bank account and verify your identity knowing that information is secure.

  • Earn up to 100x Interest

    The Outlet Interest rate is variable. There are times where the interest rate on Outlet is over 100x the average of a traditional bank account.