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Outlet allows you to earn 50x more than a traditional bank account. Sound too good to be true? Learn how it works
9% Per Year


Lifetime Earnings


Payout Countdown

3 day(s) until your next payout

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Bank Transfer

Deposit - 01/04/21


Bank Transfer

Deposit - 01/04/21


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Replace your bank account with an Outlet account

Outlet vs. the National Savings Account average

Your Return


Compare Outlet to the National Average Savings account rate.


Our Mission...

...is to redefine what it means to do banking. We are working to build a more open, transparent and fair banking system. We want to create banking that is truly for the people.

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Simple, familiar, & protected cash account experience.

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Manage your money on the
Outlet Dashboard.
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Project your yield with the
Earnings Calculator.
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time-period investments.
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Set and exceed your
financial goals.
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Keep current with projected
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Deposit &
withdraw anytime.

How Outlet works

We connect you with our network of overcollateralized lending partners, and match you with the highest yield. We do so in a smooth, and secure app that looks, acts, and feels like a savings account.

Federally Regulated

Funds are moved through money transmitters and fully regulated entities.

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Sensitive data is never stored by Outlet

The only personal data we store is your name, phone number, and E-mail.

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Funds are stored in
encrypted wallets

Outlet is built on the Ethereum
blockchain. All funds are stored in a
wallet, and are ERC-20 digital assets.

Funds are held by
our custody partner

Funds on Outlet are covered by
third party insurance/coverage
providers, and are upheld to SOC
2 Type II security standard.

Getting Started Today

No minimums. No fees. No committments.

1. Account Approval

Download the Outlet app and complete the signup process.

2. Transfer Funds

Deposit up to $25k per week. No withdrawal limits.

3. Earn Interest

Payouts are made on the 1st of the month. Interest compounds monthly.

Open an account

Save & Earn
Like Never Before

Traditional financial accounts compromise on savings or yield. Outlet is the best of both worlds. A single mobile app that gives you principal safety and a high yield.


Historic yield




Interest payouts each year


Average yearly earnings

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Get Started using Outlet today.

Earn 50x more interest than you would with your bank