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Use Outlet like a bank account. Withdraw, deposit, and pay for anything.

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Currently All Accounts Are Insured

All beta accounts are insured to cover smart contract risk.

Beat Inflation
Outlets interest rate outgrows the rate of inflation.
Zero Minimum
Get started on outlet with whatever you have.
Zero Monthly Fees
A high interest rate account without monthly fees.
Safe & Secure
Money Managed by non custodial smart contracts.
Support Defi
Outlet uses some of your favorite blockchain tech.
Up to 10% Interest
Most savings accounts pay .09% interest a year.

Outlet Vs. Traditional Finance

Find Out How Much You Would Earn Using Outlet Compared To Traditional Bank Accounts In The First Year.

If You Deposit:


ProductInterest RateEarned First Year
Industry Average Bank Account0.09%$0.900
Everyday Savings Account Rate0.05%$0.500
High-Yield Online Savings Account2.25%$22.500
Wealthfront Cash Account2.35%$23.500
United States Treasury Bond2.49%$24.900
High Dividend Yield ETF5.16%$51.600

Bank Account Integrations

Our API partner has thousands of bank integrations. Transfer funds straight through your bank and get started earning a higher interest rate in a few minutes.

How Outlet Works

We connect your funds with someone who is taking out a loan backed by their crypto. Outlet is a DeFi loan aggregator that searches for the best return on stable coins pegged to the United States Dollar.

Amount locked in DeFi

~$500 Million



Average yield


Monthly Loan Repayment

~$100 Million

Technology Making Outlet Possible

Etherscan allows you to explore and search the Ethereum blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices. This allows you to see where your funds are at all times.
Every dollar you deposit goes through Wyre. This is how we turn dollars to Dai.
Dai is a stable coin, 1 Dai = $1, stable coins bring stability to the blockchain world.
Compound is a lending protocal on the Ethereum blockchain. They fulfill blockchain based loans.


All accounts are subject to a 10% fee on all interest earned through Outlet.
  • Full Access
  • 2% Withdraw fee
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per month
  • Full Access
  • 2% Withdraw Fee
  • Insured
  • Premium support

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