Earn up to 6% on your savings

Outlet is a high yield savings account alternative.

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  • Deposit & Withdraw anytime

    Customers are able to make ACH bank transfers from their traditional bank account to their Outlet account.

  • Zero Upfront Costs

    Get started with almost nothing. Outlet doesnt have a minimum account balance.

  • Earn up to 100x Interest

    The Outlet Interest rate is variable. There are times where the interest rate on Outlet is over 100x the average of a traditional bank account.

How we compare

See how we stack up against the competition. See estimated earnings based on a deposit of $5,000

NameInterest Rate
Balance after 12 months*









TD Bank


Industry Average

*Rates are based only on current interest rates. Interest rates vary over time

Bank Account Integrations

Log in to your real bank account and transfer money via ACH.

Our API partner has thousands of bank integrations. Transfer funds straight through your bank and get started earning a higher interest rate in a few minutes.

Top Security

Your bank information is encrypted and secured to the highest standards. Your information is never revealed to Outlet. Our banking partner Plaid, maintains a SOC 2 Type II report

You're in control

Outlet will never deposit funds on your behalf. You decide when and how much you deposit into your Outlet account.



  • Full Access
  • android & iOS apps
  • No lockup periods
  • Bank account integrations
  • Funds fully covered
  • 24/7 Support